The Transitional Ministry Team (TMT) was established by the Session who chose Rosalie Doty and Chuck Whitney as members from the Session, Rainy Birch as a member from the Deacons, and Todd Haworth and Carrie Cobb representing the congregation. The TMT had its first organizational meeting in mid February to develop the plan for finding the best interim minister for our Congregation this fall when Pastor Ted retires. Developing a “job description” for the interim minister began after seeing a number of sample job descriptions from other churches in our Presbytery. After careful discernment of qualities our church expects of an interim pastor, a unique job description was developed. That job description is in the final stages of refinement with consultation from our Presbytery Executive, Dr. Corey Schlosser Hall. The job description describes the important character istics expected of an interim minister, such as the ability to preach scriptural based sermons to call people to a growing commitment to Jesus Christ. Remember, the Interim Pastor will also be the Head of Staff and will prepare the congregation for the journey to call a permanent pastor. When the Session approves the final job description, the Presbytery will assist the TMT in selecting an interim minster from a large list of specially trained, experienced ministers who have the desire to help us with this important period of change lasting one to two years. A copy of the latest draft of the job description is in the Church Office. Don’t hesitate to ask one of the TMT members for answers to questions or concerns.

Session Information

Our session consisting of 12 elders and moderated by Pastor Ted oversees the work and mission of First Presbyterian Church. They meet monthly to monitor the activities of the main committees of the church:  Christian Education, Mission, Outreach & Fellowship, Nominating, Personnel, Stewardship, and Worship & Music.

Session has affirmed the following committee appointments (first name listed is Moderator):
Education and Nurture- Rosalie Doty, Lu Meiner
Mission- Tom McCulloch, Jeffrey Miller
Outreach and Fellowship- Pat Hyden, Bridget Edgington
Personnel - Coya Erickson, Mike Hansen
Stewardship- Carol Foss, Jason Mayo
Worship and Music- Randy Schuchardt, Paula Mitchell

Appointed Rosalyn Taylor to a one-year term as Clerk of Session
Appointed Pat Hyden to a one-year term as Treasurer

In other action:
Awarded $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors Brittney Sofie and Elliott Soelter
Awarded $1,000 Wilma and Boyd Turner Memorial Scholarships to senior Brittney Sofie and college students Mary Dawson and Kate Haworth