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Making Progress

Progress continued to be made as we moved toward the inspection of the plumbing and electrical work prior to the installation of sheetrock.  It is fun to see the "new" building take shape.  There is something new to see every week, if not every day. 

It is hard to capture the project in photos as the photo cannot recNov_7-11_-_Chancel_Officeord the full scope of the subject's depth.  If you happen to live in the Port Angeles area, the best way to see the construction is to stop by, particularly on a Sunday morning, and look around.  You can now see most of the interior space while respecting the safety barriers that are in place.  If you live elsewhere, continue to enjoy the photos until you can get to Port Angeles to see it for yourself.

The photo on the top right shows what has been known over the years as the "little office" or the "chancel office."  It is the little room to the east of the organ through which the choir and other worship leaders enter on Sunday mornings.  It has gotten increasingly crowded with music stands, flower stands, and other items.  While not a huge addition, the expanded space will make it much easier to store musical instruments and other items.

Below that photo is a photo of the expanded kitchen from a spot near where the coffee pots used to be placed.  You can see pretty clearly the line marking the old exterior wall (near the feet of the ladder laid on its side).  The new space will accommodate more workers as well as providing space to prepare meals for a greater number of people.Nov_7-11_-_kitchen

Below left is a view of the expanded Fellowship Hall from the new entryway near the old zig-zag ramp.  You can see the entrance into the kitchen as well as the existing hallway leading to the stairs.  The existing large doors into the sanctuary are also visible.

Below right is a view of the remodeled area near the fireplace in the old part of the Fellowship Hall.  You can see the doorway and serving window for the kitchen on the left.  The hallway leading to the handicapped-accessible restroom is visible in the center.  The area with the double doors near the former fireplace marks the storage area where tables and chairs will be stored out of sight.

As I write, the sheetrock is going up and the wall into the sanctuary where the new doors will be going has been removed.  This will make for interesting photos in next week's entry.  Keep checking regularly for updates.