Crossing the Finish Line

A dedication luncheon and service was held on the afternoon of Sunday, February 12.  A festive crowd of 168 comfortably filled the new space while the new kitchen was fired up and showed off its capabilities.

Heading for the Finish Line

As expected, the project was making the turn and heading for the finish line in mid-January.  While there are still a few things to be done, the finishing touches are being applied, including

Rounding the Turn

In running races, there is an exciting moment when the runners go around the last curve of the oval track and begin the final straightaway toward the finish line.  Spectators cheer and exhort them.  The runners summon that last reserve of energy to go just a bit faster.  The runners see the ribbon stretched across the track ahead and they race for it.  It is the exhilarating climax of the race.

Balcony is reshaped; kitchen gets modernized

One of the benefits of our project has been the chance to upgrade things that have needed attention.  One of these things was the lack of leg room in the balcony.

Doors to the Future (updated)

Throughout this Church’s nearly 98 years of ministry, the congregation has been blessed with talented people willing to use their skills on behalf of the Church.  As we implement a vision for future ministry through our construction project, that tradition has continued...

Stained Glass Windows Dedicated

Two stunning stained glass windows designed by our own Beth Ann White and created by Kandi Latson of Arbutus Glass were dedicated and unveiled during the 8 :30 service on Sunday, January 22nd.

Coming Out of the Turn

In the final days of 2011 and as we anticipate 2012, we can begin to see some of the finishing touches being applied to our project.  Our electrical service was updated to accommodate our enlarged kitchen. 

Coming Into Focus

While still six weeks or so from completion, the project is beginning to wind down with the near-completion of several items.    As a result, the possibilities for ministry are coming into focus as we visualize how the finished product will look.   

Seeing the Possibilities

The week of November 14-18 brought about dramatic changes that provided us the opportunity to visualize possibilites for the use of our new and expanded space.  The most dramatic change was...

Making Progress

Progress continued to be made as we moved toward the inspection of the plumbing and electrical work prior to the installation of sheetrock.  It is fun to see the "new" building take shape.  There is something new to see every week, if not every day.