Education and Nurture


The area Churches co-operative summer Bible School July 18th - 22th  9 am- 12:00 pm, hosted this year at the First United Methodist Church. More information to come about the theme, etc. It should be really fun.  For kids aged 3 years old to 5th graders.  Some of the needs are volunteers as teachers in the classrooms, and for recreation, science stations, arts and crafts, and in the kitchen too. We also need help running a video station. If you play an instrument and/or like to help lead singing, we could use you! If you are a thespian you just might be the one we could use in a play. As the time gets closer, look for a list of things we need to bring for snacks, and anything that needs to be collected for arts and crafts. So remember, block out the dates for July 18th - 22th! For more information contact Pam Fosnes at 452-4331.

Youth Classes - Middle and High School Students


This class meets in the large room downstairs. Dan and Carrie Cobb are the teachers.  Middle school students are also using Gospel Light studies from the “Uncommon” series which are specifically written for their age and daily life.


This class meets in the library. Jeff and Amy Miller are the teachers. The class is using studies by Gospel Light in the “Uncommon” series of books, by Jim Burns, guiding students through issues they regularly face in life.

Elementary Classes

First to 5th Graders

Grades one through five meet in the Bethany room, downstairs. Chris Watkins, Marty Melcher and Sharon Bowman are the teachers. Using the new materials titled “Growing in Grace and Gratitude”. In the fall they will study about creation, Abraham and his family. Winter term will feature grace that brings us new life in Jesus Christ. Spring term will share Jesus Christ as the ultimate gift of God’s grace to the world.

Wee Believe Pre-school Classes

For 3-5 year olds meet in the room next to the nursery. The preschool children will be learning from “Growing in Grace and Gratitude” curriculum this year. They will start the year learning about creation, Abraham and his family experiencing grace and gratitude. As the year progresses they will learn about grace that brings us new life in Jesus Christ; and the ultimate gift of God’s grace to the world in Jesus Christ. Cindy Sofie and Jen Wopperer are the teachers.

Children in Care during the Worship Service 

Will be learning about God’s Love, Jesus Love and Help for them, and Loving God and Others. The curriculum for their class time is by Gospel Light.  Several volunteers rotate service in this program.


We need at least four more caring and dedicated volunteers for our child care program in the Nursery during worship. Help is needed on the first and last Sundays of the month. Stories and activities are prepared for your use.   We want our volunteers to attend worship so we ask them to serve for just one service on one Sunday a month.   To volunteer or learn more about our program contact Dolly Hutchings on Sunday mornings, or by phone (461-1411). Thank you.



This group involves mostly parents of kids age 14 or younger. As well as the study time, our group always shares a meal and that has become an important part of our time together. Meet at the home of Dan and Carrie Cobb for study and fellowship. Child care is provided for this group. Please contact Dan or Carrie for detailed information.

Adult Sunday School


Lead by Todd Haworth:  Starting February 21st the Adult Sunday School class will begin a study of Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians. Paul seeks to instruct a church in a busy sea port city on how to behave and how to get along with each other. The church was diverse with young and old, rich and poor, and Paul wished to help them become and function as the body of Christ in their city. Come join us for authentic and frank Bible Study looking at Paul’s instructions for the church then and today. 



The plan is to have several short term classes available for Adults throughout the year. They will be announced as arranged.